Thursday, June 28, 2012

kitchen chair before and after.

Okay  so a few years ago I did my first refurb... It was my kitchen chairs which were from a old hotel in faribault mn.  They had remains of ripped green vinyl on them that we removed and they looked like this after

 I covered them in a cotton fabric and the very slightest batting. I then treated them with waterproofer to help with stains.  I can tell they were my first ever project of this sort when I took them apart lol.  I must have ran out of batting and used some hello kitty fleece on a few ha.

better then before but certainly not enough cushion on needed better fabric.  I recovered them yesterday and added padding.  I wanted double cushion so I bought a twin mattress pad and cut it up and used two layers on each chair (making sure to put them bumpy sides together in the middle.  Then batting and fabric my hubby chose this one.  I messed up and typical to me I decided to go with it.  I did every other chair different so I have two with vertical stripes and two with horizontal.


 Then for the chairs that sit at the ends of the table which are left over from our first hand me down table I chose the fabric (if you couldn't tell lol)

I still need to repaint them in off white.  but it has been soo hot I can't stand the thought of painting 6 chairs in the yard in the heat lol.  I will save that for another day.

Well here is the finished product.  Much more durable and very cute and funky.  I love it!  Even my hubby liked it (even though I took the liberties to mix up the stripes lol something that goes against his anal sensibilities)  Well people I am off to find some lunch and dig through my recipes for something decent to throw in my crock pot so I don't have to cook in this heat :)

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