Thursday, January 5, 2012

a robbery and a mullet

So we have gone through soo much drama lately. There has been some good some bad and some ugly (literally) So I will start with some good things. I am in love with a company we are carrying at italy ava.

It is called Nessa's Naturals and I am wearing some of her shadows in the pic above (berry dazzle on the lid, smoke monster on the outer corner and crease, and halo to highlight under the brow. ) I am loving them and will share some of the other great ones I have picked up another day.

also loving my cowls. I love them Super cozy and cute. Now for the ugly side of things...when we got home from one Christmas and were doing laundry and cleaning up fire monster got a hold of scissors and she cut her own hair.

Yes into a mullet. The best we could do was this..

I will just have to keep trying to grow it and trim it until it looks normal. but that wasn't the end of a awful week. Our car was broke into and we had got the girls dual portable dvd players for the car and they were stolen as well as the one we bought almost 5 years ago with our wedding money and all of our chargers and our copy of beezus and ramona!! I am super bummed because the way we do things is one big gift and then a few small ones so the girls big gift (which they split) is gone. We did get a generous gift from one of my hubby's friends of dvd player to replace it that helped ease things for our 5 hour each way road trip to my hubby's side of the family's Christmas this last weekend. It wasn't as smooth as our old one.

but what is with fire monster around lol here she is with her toy stuck on her arm later that week. this took a screw driver a half hour and some soapy water. So anyway off to get some stuff done.

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  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear of your robbery. :(

    As to Fire Monster - you've been lulled by recent behavior. :p
    If it's any consolation, I also attempted to cut my own hair (bangs) when I was a kid. I had about 1/2 inch of hair and they were still uneven! My mom had to pull more hair forward and make a second layer of new bangs to cover the stubble until it grew out. Looks like Fire Monster is lucky to have such a talented Mom who can rescue her hair!