Wednesday, January 18, 2012

refurb refurbed and home made corduroy beanbag chair

So Monkey Butt has been after me forever to buy her a bean bag. Well I happened across this
and thought this was even better. Then promptly forgot about it lol. But I remembered last week at the shop when the zum order came in and there was a bunch of packing peanuts. So me and Monkey Butt picked out fabric. It is corduroy and the top has paisley and the sides are elephants.

this is huge because I am not great at sewing. I even put in my first zipper. Monkey butt loved it but some one loved it even more..

from point a naughty thought this was his personal ball pit..

and no matter how I closed the box he would find a way to squeeze his butt in there. Then he slept on the bean bag all night and every time he would move the Styrofoam noise would wake me up lol apparently he is a huge fan of Styrofoam. Who knew.

you might remember this rocker that I never loved I think the fabric reminded me of a hotel room. I wasn't crazy with how it turned out

I also found fabric and recovered the rocker and its ottoman. I did it in the opposite sides of the fabric so they have a little different look. I am loving it.

I got a ton of that fabric now I am debating what else to use it on...who knows where it will pop up.


  1. Oooh. Love the green fabric for your chair *much* better!

    What to do with the extra fabric? You know Fire monster will want a bean bag now that Monkey Butt has one! (BTW - she has grown *so* much! What happened while I wasn't looking?!?!?)

  2. I know lol she is sitting on her sisters right now taking advantage while she is at school. I will have to pick some cute fabric for her I was looking on line earlier :) I made shelby a pillow to match :) and yes she is huge all of a sudden lol