Monday, January 16, 2012

diy yarn bowl

So I have been wanting a yarn bowl for a long time. A yarn bowl keeps your yarn from rolling away or getting tangled while you are working while you can still take your yarn in and out with our cutting it. I have been wanting this one for a esp long time but I just can't see my self spending that right now on my self! So today I had a very rare moment of genius...

I have a set of these that I love soo much. But don't know quiet what to do with I just sit them around because I love them. Well...

I just hooked one of these cute paper clips I got from target last trip to the cities on the side and then slid my yarn through the holes.

and it even holds my needles so my work doesn't slide off. The lace scarf yarn really tends to do that and picking it back up is next to impossible.
Then if for some reason you need to take your work out you just squeeze and unhook the little clip and boom you are good to go. Hope these makes some of you as happy as it makes me.


  1. I finally got fed up with my yarn rolling away, or having to set down my work every couple of minutes to unwind some more working yarn, so I googled diy yarn bowl, and found this post! Thank you so much for sharing your idea. You saved my sanity today!! I just crocheted several rounds of the hat I'm working on with no problems!! Yay, thanks again!! :):)

  2. you are very welcome glad I could be of assistance lol:)

  3. Very cute idea. I,too, have been longing for a yarn bowl.