Tuesday, January 17, 2012

sparkly romantic eye turorial

So I thought I would share a quick tutorial with one of the new Nessa's Naturals shadows I got last week. I am loving this look. It is a sparkly romantic eye.

I I also have on my new custom foundation which has a bit more cushion since I have such dry skin (hence the unsightly patch of eczema in my hair line).

and my ruby slippers lipstick. but here is the shadow look.

I only used two colors. pale moon over the whole lip. Then I used vex in the crease and the bottom corner underneath the eye. I blended it with another brush to soften and there you have it.

I love eye shadow and I am a bit obsessed I know lol. I also used my bed head for a precise line eyeliner and maybelline falsies mascara.

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  1. Fabulous colors!!!!!