Sunday, December 9, 2012

A new family favorite comfort food

My favorite food from childhood on is home made mac and cheese!!  I love it all kinds of ways and can't ever seem to pass it up.  Another comfort food that is my favorite is grill cheese and tomato soup.  So when I saw Tomato soup mac and cheese on pintrest you better believe that I had to pin in right away.  I have made it numerous times since then and it has become a quick family favorite that is asked for by the kids in the family.  
Here is a pic of m delish left overs the other day.  

 Here is where I got the original recipe.  I have changed it up a bit after some trial and error this is what I found works best for me I use one I make mac and cheese like I typically would which means I use a box of elbow mac but cook it half way then I add at least two cups of cheese ( I prefer mostly sharp cheddar) Then I add a can of tomato soup and a can of evaporated milk then I bake it until it is browning and starting to get just a bit crunchy.  I do find this you have to watch a bit more then regular mac and cheese it will burn easier.  

well I hope you guys enjoy this let me know if you guys try this :)

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