Thursday, December 6, 2012

Top 10 lip colors this winter

I wanted to share with you my favorite things I have been using for my lips this winter.  I didn't include lip glosses I was sticking to things in lip stick form for this.  So these are my top 10 things I reach for.  I will swatch them share names and what the pros and cons are for each one. :)  Here we go..

  •  1. maybelline  410 blissful berry
  •  2. maybelline  015 born with it
  • 3. revlon 030 fuchsia
  • 4. revlon lip butter 040 red velvet
  • 5. revlon lip butter 050 berry smoothie
  • 6. revlon kissable balm stain 001 honey
  • 7. wet and wild 508a black orchid
  • 8. loreal infallible 814 forever frappe
  • 9. loreal infallible 337 refined ruby
  • 10. maybelline baby lips
 Here is how each color swatches in same order
 Here is the break down on why I love each and when I wear it.
 1. maybelline  410 blissful berry This is a great nice berry lip color for the fall.  I love this!  I bought it recently and have reached for it more then any since then.  It is creamy and great if you do a lip liner under you can get decent wear but isn't a long wearing so have to reapply.
 2. maybelline  015 born with it .  This is my go to nude lip color.  I love it for days when I have a super smokey eye and don't want the over whelming lip.

3. revlon 030 fuchsia  This is a great fun bright lip color.  I love to wear this on a day out when I am in a super girly mood and want something bright and fun.
I love lip butters I have found I like the non glittery ones better (just like the way the sit on the lip better ) They are moisturizing shiny and great color pay off  (btw forgot pink truffle wear it all the time)
4. revlon lip butter 040 red velvet this color is a great for a red lip if you aren't worried about long wear and just want a quick swipe of a great red lip.  Perfect for the winter and holidays
5. revlon lip butter 050 berry smoothie  This is a great every day wear color.  I can see this being good any time of year Its just a great one to throw on with any look.

6. revlon kissable balm stain 001 honey  This is a great one for throwing on with any look also. It is a color that will do good with  any skin tone.  They aren't dry looking like normal stains I want darker colors to try but haven't bought any yet.
7. wet and wild 508a black orchid  This color is great it isn't as scary dark as it looks in the tube. It isn't a long wearing and have a great dark berry wine like tone to it.  I love this when I want a nice dark lip.
These infallible Lip sticks are great long wearing formula.  They aren't drying and will stay on for long long time.  I use these when I will be out and about and know I wont' have time to reapply and don't want to worry about smears.
8. loreal infallible 814 forever frappe  This is a great every day color good on most skin tones
9. loreal infallible 337 refined ruby  This is a amazing lip color.  Great red lip good for all skin tones wears for ages and won't smear and get messy so low maintenance red.  Will be perfect for holiday parties or any time you want that great classy glamorous red lip but not to worry about touching up constantly or it getting all over the place.
10. maybelline baby lips  There are more of a tinted balm and have tried lots of the colors but this one is my favorite out of all the colors I have tried.  I received this as a Christmas present last year and have repurchased quiet a few since then.  I love the subtle color it leaves and they are super moisturizing I put this on daily.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and it was helpful to some of you.  :)  I am off to make my self a cup of french press and get my day started :)

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