Monday, December 31, 2012

New years mani monday.

Going out or not I had to do something fun with my nails for new years mani Monday.  I wanted something with a bit of fun sparkle confetti style.  I was laying in bed winding down for the night catching up on my youtube subscriptions for the day and missjenfabulous put out a great little new years nail tutorial with 3 different choices (which I will put at the end for you ).  If you have never seen her she is adorable and does great nail and makeup tutorials. She did a sort of version of this but she used black. 

 I used two coats of wet and wild mega last in disturbia which is a great dark purple and a coat of malani gems in 530. (0ne of my favorite glitters because it has a clear base and big and small multi colored glitter) I hope you guys like it
Here is the lovely missjenfabulous with her new years tutorial

We will be staying home and making a big fun dinner and hanging out with our lovely neighbor Pat.  If you guys are going out have a great time, don't drive, and be careful.  :)

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