Tuesday, January 1, 2013

4 weeks 5 days

So today marks 4 weeks 5 days pregnant.  I took a pic (excuse the wet hair I wound up having to leave early to pic monkey butt up and didn't have time to do it).  I wasn't as nauseous this morning.  I started splitting my vitamins and doing half in the morning and half at night and I think that has helped.  I have been drinking my green smoothies every morning (with Greek yogurt added in because I am on antibiotics).  but with that I take my prenatal, 2 chewable vitamin d, my thyroid pill, my antibiotic, and usually two tylonal. So I started cutting my prenatal in half and only taking one vitamin d, then doing the other half with dinner.  I think that helped a bit.  Still some nausea but not as bad.  Btw I am feeling super bloated and it is farrrrr too early.  I know this is baby #3 for me but geez my fat jeans weren't even comfy by the end of the day yesterday!  For all the other multiple time mamas is this just me or what???

Right now I am relaxing on the couch being a bum.  It was a busy weekend.  My hubby took down all the Christmas decorations over the weekend ( I had gone back to bed because I was feeling barfy and he did it himself).  We dropped monkey butt to her dad (this happens about ever other weekend and it is hour and half each way).  Then yesterday we made a quick trip to er (firemonster jumped up and banged her neck on the counter and was screaming like her butt was on fire and couldn't move a inch for about 45 min take her in she is just fine! typical) 

anyway back on track we had our great neighbors over for new years eve dinner.  I made homemade mac and cheese & a bbq pulled pork pizza.  I don't know if you guys know this or not but you can buy papa murphys pizza crust for 2$.  It is the best no waiting for the dough to raise and big mess in your kitchen and they come on their own pan so easy clean up.  Can't beat that.  Mrs Pat made great punch and a amazing cheese tray.  Then everyone went home and we had ice cream (drs orders). Fire monster slept in her sisters bed watching a movie and me and benji snuggled up on the couch to watch some breaking bad until midnight for our new years kiss. ;)  

Today we cleaned house and picked up monkey butt today (another 3 hours in car)  I also took another pregnancy test because I am a weirdo and I just wanted a mega dark line and I got it mid afternoon and all.   (that is a drop of water from my hands and not pee I promise)

So I am soo ready to go wash my face and go to bed.  I hope you guys have a great New Years Eve and 2013 is treating you well.  I am off to bed :) see ya

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