Thursday, January 17, 2013

girls next day no heat headband curls

I told you in yesterdays post that my girls had headbands in to curl their hair over night.  I thought I would show you how they turned out.  Here they are the next morning after being run through and hair sprayed.

They have a few spots that were a big kinked (esp. fire monster) so I just touched up those spots with a curling iron.

 but that was barely anything at all really. :)
 Monkey butts was more tame.  She just really needed it brushed through a bit like the girl in the first video I posted yesterday did.  (remember to form it around your hand that is what keeps it from firizzing)

 Here is the back of hers.

They slept great where as with curlers they complain and have a hard time and are cranky the next day.  The problem with just curling their hair with a curling iron is straight fine hair doesn't hold curl like that well and it falls out...then you have a whole new tantrum on your hands!  Well they are off to school and this mama is off to nap. ;)

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