Thursday, January 3, 2013

Favorite skin/hair care of 2012

 Favorite facial cleanser:
Olay dual action cleanser pore scrub is great it doesn't dry me out but I don't get break outs either.

Another things I used allot this year is my Norwex make up remover towels.

Favorite Mask:
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is a great favorite esp if I am having some break outs.  I do this about once a week.

Favorite Moisturizer:
I love this simple replenishing lotion.  It has helped my dry skin soooo much.  It doesn't burn and I have no dry patches.
Favorite Shampoo:
My favorite shampoo and I know I have sang its praises over and over is clear scalp and hair therapy.  It is amazing smells good is moisturizing and actually works.  I am basically flake free (that never happens)

 My fav dry shampoo is dove it smells good and works well.  You should never wash your hair every day. I wash mine about every 3rd day or so and dry shampoo is a life savor.
 Favorite Hair Products:
I love this hair spray. It smells wonderful has light hold but can be built to a higher hold.
 I love this coconut milk anti breakage serum.  Everyone is my house uses this.  It makes your hair smell great and leaves it stronger and shiny.  I mix it with my gel or mouse and put it in when my hair is wet.
That is all for my stand out skin care/ hair care this year.  Did you have any stand out favorites.

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