Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No heat vintage curls (headband method

I have been slacking lately.  I haven't been posting much because I just haven't been accomplishing much.  You know how the first trimester goes.  Spending most of the day trying to stay awake and the other trying not to throw up.  If I am lucky I find enough energy to sweep, make the bed, and throw a load of laundry in.  Not super interesting blog material lol.

So I was digging in the recesses of my mind for a juicy tid bit to share with you guys.  Here is what I came up with how to do no heat vintage curls.  I love this method I do it all the time.  Any picture you have seen of me with curly hair for the last 9 months my hair has been curled this way.  The best part all it takes is a head band and 5 minutes.  Here is a picture of the finished product..

If you want more curl in the back have the head band a bit higher or you can touch it up with a curling iron back there.   I find it works well enough for me though with out touching up.  Both of my girl have these in the hair tonight.  It is way easier to sleep on then curlers.  And don't take as long to get in for their little attention spans.

Here are a few video tutorials that I used when I first started to do this method.  
This one is long but she shows the sort of head band I prefer to use and how I wear it when I will be keeping it in for a day . ( I bought a big pack at the dollar tree and they have lasted me ages they are tight enough to stay put and keep the curls well.)

and this one is shorter but I find these headbands don't work as well. I also thing it will be helpful to you guys to see how she touches them up at the end.

Here are some tips after months of doing this.
1. The bigger the sections you do the bigger the curl.  ( I usually take everything in front of the ear until a bit behind it for my first section and stay about that size) If you take too small of sections you will look like you got a bad perm.
2. Don't do it with super wet hair.  Let your hair get almost dry before you toss it up.
3. I bobbi pin it at night time to make sure little hairs aren't slipping out. 
4. if you will be wearing it more then one day , at night I just brush it out give it a quick spray with some water and put it back up and pin it.  
5. if you have a silk pillow case it works best.
6. before I pull up I mix together some styling gel (or mousse currently using mane boost or aveda confixer ) and barely a pump of organix coconut milk serum and smooth through my hair.  It makes it shiny and less likely to friz
7.  I wear it for a day up usually with a cute dress or something it makes a cute little up type do.  Just use a thinner headband that matches your hair color more and push it back into your hairline. (people always complement me when I wear it this way)
Hope you guys enjoy this.  Please let me know if you try it and how it works out.

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