Wednesday, January 23, 2013

color whisper /bursh guards.

 I had to make a quick walmart run today to grab somethings on the family's list, and run to the bank.  One thing on the list was cotton rounds, which meant I had to go to the makeup section (always dangerous). I have been really good lately about not picking up new things, but right on the other side of the cotton rounds area was the make up brushes where these were located! Emily was talking about these brush guards on her emily awards this year ,and I remembered to look for them and had to grab some of those.  I also was dying to try the new mabelline color whispers.  

First I will talk about the brush guards.  They are brush guards they are about 5$ a pack, but what I figured out is you can cut them in half and burn the edge with a lighter, then just shape it, they are still plenty big for my brushes!    What they do is protect your brushes while you travel and you slide your brushes into them after cleaning and they shape them and make them dry faster!!  Who doesn't need that right.
Here are my brushes that needed cleaning drying right now.  You just slide them into the little guards and make them go a bit past the tip and put them upside down in a glass to dry.

Now on to the color whisper lip stick.  These are supposed to be sorta like the revlon lip butters but creamier.  I had a hard time picking between the berry color and this one but I am soo glad I grabbed this one!!! It is color 80 made-it mauve.  

It is soo soft and creamy and feels amazing on the lips, and very moisturizing just like a balm. The color is a great every day wearable neutral color that is very flattering.  Here is what it looks like on the lips.  This is going to for sure be in the front pocket of my purse for easy grabbing at all times!!!  I have to go back to walmart because the burner pans I bought don't fit  (even though they said they would on the packaging LIARS) so I will probably be grabbing the berry color (just a educated guess ;)
Also had to share my cute mani I gave myself last night.  I used ice internationally known and greycian god by l'Oreal.  I used leighann says tri accent nail tutorial.

Here that is this is one of my favorite things to do and I always get complements. 

well Monkey butt just home and we have to go to the library and walmart and get gas.  (even though its -11 degrees right now literally and I was sick as a dog throwing up all last night!! dang morning sickness can't wait to get through this first trimester!!!)  Just have to keep my eye on the prize (berry color whisper ;) have a good day guys I will try to get a pregnancy pic for the week just haven't felt very cute being soo sick and all. Have a good day guys!

Ps I am adding this in after using the brush guards during that cleaning they are now holy grail my brushes were amazing after using it.  They shaped up perfectly and dried soo fast.  I will never wash with out them again!

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