Thursday, January 31, 2013

9 week ultra sound

Today was ultrasound day. It was on my mind all night and I was even dreaming about it last night.  I was so ready to have this done with for the day.  There was a two hour late start for the girls today because it is sooo cold.  It is literally -45 degrees with wind chill right now.  So I got them up made them some cinnamon rolls and drove them to school.   Then went straight down the road to the clinic.  

Things look good here is a pic of the little bugger.  It is kinda upside down with the dead down and body up.

It was wiggling and its heart rate was 176 bpm.  There was no sign of the subcorneal hematoma.  So we are doing good.  I am measuring two days different I was last time too.  So it said I was 8w 6d.  Which is more what I figure with my calculations :)  So things are good just waiting to hear from the doc. I might try to squeeze in a nap quick then pic the girls up at the bus stop so they don't have to walk home two blocks in this and get them a after school goody (as my dad would call it).  Have a good day guys.

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