Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trip to the endocrinologist

I had a appointment at the endocrinologist today in Sioux Falls S.D.   My hubby took the day off to help me which I am soo glad he did because I have never drove there and It would have been ugly.  As was it went great.  My endocrinologist was amazing.  I literally couldn't have asked for a better experience with a doctor.  Not only was he knowledgeable,  down to earth, and took time to explain things, but he didn't rush in and out like he had much more important things going on and he didn't leave me siting and waiting around either.  I don't think I waited more then 5 minutes the whole time!  The appointment was a hour.  He taught me everything I needed to know and I went on my way with changed meds, some samples, and a much better understanding of my thyroid disease.  I seriously recommend that anyone who who has a thyroid issue (esp. pregnant women) ask to be referred to a specialist this is what they do and they are much more thorough and educated in it

Any who then me and my hubby looked up target because I wanted some of this..

It is supposed to be a good dupe for bioderma which I love and is quickly becoming holy grail for me but I don't love the price a little 2oz bottle cost me 9$ plus shipping!!!  Ingrid/ Missglamorazzi said that this is a good drug store dupe and it is only like 4$ a bottle for a big bottle!  So worth a shot.  I also needed to grab a new bra.  Mine are getting to be too small.  So I only had patience to find one that fit because I was starving. (had to go up 2 cup sizes but still not as big as I was before my breast reduction lol)

While I tried on bra's my hubster looked up close restaurants on his phone and we decided on Fudruckers.
I had a giant 1/2 pd. burger with cheddar and a strawberry milk shake.  Ugh I way should have gone for 1/4 pd if anything maybe just the milk shake lol.  It was sorta nice to get a quick mini date meal with the hubby. He is soo super supportive and amazing.  This week is just rough soo far.  I feel like I have the worst of hangovers ever.  I am nauseous and exhausted 75% of the day.  If I don't eat enough I am nauseous if I eat to much I get nauseous.  I am on my 3rd zofran for the day and feel like it is hardly touching it.  Oh well enough complaining.  Off to lay on the couch and be worthless some more.  Thanks for listening people. :)

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