Wednesday, January 30, 2013

reviews l'oreal telescopic carbon black/ rimmel scandaleyes, revlon naked foundation

 Okay so It has been a bit but I picked up some new makeup to try.  I am trying 4 different things today, relvon nearly naked foundation, L'Oreal infinite shadow quad in subtle berries, L'Oreal telescopic carbon black intense mascara, and Rimmel scandaleyes mascara.  I am using both one on each eye so I can tell which I like better and whether they flake smudge and what not.  I have on my new berry lip whisper too.
 So here is the look I will break it down further for you.  :) (this is on my natural lashes with them uncurled btw)

This is the telescopic carbon black mascara.  I have heard great things about this and had to try it.  It has more of a comb then a brush for the wand.  Here are the lashes with the L'Oreal mascara. Right off the bat this one does give some great length but I can see it can get clumpy and maybe spider leggy if you aren't careful.

Okay and on the other eye I have Rimmel Scandal eyes in black.  I haven't heard much about this but I had a dollar off coupon that was going to expire so I just sorta guessed and grabbed this one.  I would say it is great it isn't quiet as crunchy as the other but still gives great length and volume.  We will see how they stand up through the day.

Here is the eye shadow quad I grabbed in subtle berries.  It was on clearance for 3.59 and since I had two coupons and they were buy one get one half off I had to try it.  It is exactly what it says very subtle berry colors.  I like it.  I think it would be a great color for a valentines look.

Okay so I wore the look all day.  When I went to take it off the mascaras both took about the same amount of work to get off.  Neither of the mascaras had smudging or flaking.  So end of the day they both gave great volume and length, they were both nice and black, and neither flaked or smudged.  So they both are winners to me.  The rimmel one was 5.99 and I had a 1$ coupon so it was less then 5$ in the end for me,  the L'Oreal one was 9.99 with a 1$ coupon it still wound up costing 8.99.  So I will have to see if one runs out quicker then the other. 
The revlon nearly naked foundation was decent.  It had a dewy finish with out being greasy, decent coverage, and it didn't seem to cling to dry skin which is big for me.  It isn't the best foundation I have ever used but it isn't the worst.  I would say it is up there with my L'Oreal dream lumi but not as good as my maybelline 24 hour.  :)
The L'Oreal shadow didn't really have much color pay off or staying power.  I would skip that.  I am glad it was basically free for me :)  So I guess worth a shot right.

Here is a pic today I am looking smaller then yesterday :)  I was pretty bloated and icky yesterday.  So not looking quiet so big :)
Any way I am finishing up the post at the end of the day and time to snuggle up in bed and get some sleep because tomorrow morning I have my next ultra sound :)  I will post when I get done :) Have a good night guys.

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