Thursday, January 17, 2013

D.I.Y. bella band

So Last pregnancy I bought a bella band.They are a spandex thing that holds your pants up while you wear them unbuttoned and keep your belly from showing under your shirt.  They also help you wear your pants earlier after your baby and cover your tummy while you breast feed.  I loved mine and wore it left and right and drove to st. paul and shelled out 30 some odd dollars at hot mama for one.  I loaned it to a g.f. and it didn't come back yet so this time I got smart.  And made my own for $5.88!!!!  Here is is

All I did was grab a long lace no boundaries cami from walmart for 5.88 in a size smaller then I usually wear. 

 Then I folded it in half and cut the top off.  ( I could have cut a bit more off then this it is super long but I will need that length later on :) its early yet)  You don't even need to seam it.  It won't fray and no one will see it plus I don't think it would be as comfortable.

Here it is..
 Perfecto right???

Well I am out the door to my ultrasound to no doubt get goo all over this so see ya soon. ;)

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