Friday, January 18, 2013


Now some of you may remember that me and the hubby decided to get the girls a kitten for Christmas.  He has become quiet a character and drives us crazy on a daily basis.  Let me share some of the things this tiny little fur ball does to make us crazy!
Meet whiskers
1. He has a unnatural obsession with the toilet.  
He walks around the toilet trying to see what I am doing every time I have to pee.  
When I flush he runs and stands on his two legs to look inside the toilet.
I finally I kicked him out the other day and he meowed and stuck his hand under the door the whole time then when I finally let him in he jumped inside the toilet water and just stood there until I fished him out!!!
2. He thinks 4:00 a.m. Is the perfect time to play every single day.
we wake up every single night at this time to him eating our hair, climbing on our heads, and attacking our feet until we get sick of him and kick him out.
3.He tortures our older cat all day every day.
I think he might have broken poor naughtys will to live.  He is constantly beating on him, surprise attacking him, and beating him up until he leaves his bed then sleeps there.
4. We left last weekend and came home to find he only has one eye brow now? 
we may never know what happened to one of his eyebrows.
5. When I try to nap because he kept me up all night he decides that it is time for me to get up he attacks me.
6.He is always trying to drink out of straws and sippy cups.
(we think this is because he was bottle fed)
7. If you hold him upside down so he is laying on his back he falls asleep.
he can't help it but it works every time
8.  He has way too much fun with the litter box
Naughty perches all four legs on the edge so he doesn't have to touch the litter.  I am pretty sure he thinks whiskers is a idoit becuase whiskers treats it like a ball pit..he digs and rolls around for ever.   Ben says he caught him chasing his tail in there for every the other day knocking litter everywhere! which brings me to...
 9 I don't think he will ever grasp that his tail is part of his body 
He tries to eat it and fights with it daily.
10. He thinks he is spider man!
He climbs everything with his damn claws!  I caught him climb the back on my couch then grab a flower off my side table with his teeth and toss it on the ground to beat it up.  he climbs my bed spread every day.  this is a huge issue and will be dealt with !
but he lets my girls do this

So we have to keep him... even if he treat the toilet like a bird bath, abuses my other cat, and never lets us get a full nights sleep

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