Sunday, December 9, 2012

winter is here.

It is officially winter here in Minnesota.  It is a full out blizard outside and we are snowed in.  Shelby had her buddy grace (our unofficial 3rd child) over for a sleep over.   The played outside all evening.  I spent last night curled up in on the couch with my hubby nice hot tea in our hands ,snow falling outside like crazy, lights off, christmas tree on, and a zombie movie on the tv.   When it was over I snuck outside to do this to my neighbors cars..

but it doesn't quiet work when there is this much snow lol. 
Besides that it snowed more over night and you couldn't even tell I did it when we woke up.   I spent the day curled up on the couch watching tv on netflix  At one point I looked over and Fire monster was coming down the stairs not a single stitch of clothing on but a pirate eye patch.  Only in my house sheash.  Once she got dressed the girls were outside all morning.
I am curled up on the couch keeping a eye on a big pot of chilli and getting ready to knit while my hubby watches foot ball in the basement and the girls play up stairs.  I love lazy sundays snowed in with the family.

I guess things weren't as bad in the cities this is a pic outside my sisters house.  Me and the girlies are going to do manicures this afternoon.
This is the view outside my window at 1:37pm.  The girls are fighting like cats and dogs upstairs, from the yells coming from the basement the vikings game seems to be going well and the chilli..
 it is almost done on the stove :)  Yumm.  I am watching some mcleods daughters on netflix like a complete bum. 
Every bellied up to the table to a nice big bowl of warm chilli.  Fire monster in her viking game day outfit my hubby makes her wear every vikes game. 

Here are the two knuckle heads enjoying theirs.  Don't let graces skin and bones look fool you that girl eats at least twice what mine do on a bad day!  She had two bowls of chilli.

Every one needed a nice mani so lined the girls up and painted their nails.  I chose wet and wild I read a good book with ruby pumps over top ,and across from me is grace who chose her green color with ruby pump accent nails and I lined the triangles with silver glitter , then monkey butt did her graces ice magnetic polish (it didn't work for crap), and fire monster chose zebra nails
 This is the l look out our window at 4:33pm

My brother and his fiance are driving from the Wisconsin Dells to the cities and this was what thier drive looked like.  Looks like a ton of fun huh!
 Here is a great pic my friend angel took.  Very beautiful christmas light display!
and here is my friend Jens deck.  These are both in the cities I think we got considerable more snow then up there.
Turns out we didn't buy cat food on the last grocery run and he has no food and my hubby was not successful at getting either car out today after hours of trying!  So he will have to survive on some cat treats (which we have tons of) and some lunch meat until I get plowed out of this place.

Well here is my crowning achievement for the day..
I finished my broken seed stitch socks!!!  I started these sept 7!!  I hated knitting these I was of coarse doing them two at a time and that means I had four balls of yarn that were constantly tangling up and I couldn't set the project down to do anything with out coming back to a huge tangle.  I will not be doing this again lol.  It just tried my non-existent patients too much.  I am in the mood how ever to knit socks so I will be corralling my hubby before we climb into bed to make him help me wind yarn :) He by the way has cabin fever and is cranky and driving me up the wall he can't be pinned in like this! He isn't a sit around and relax and take a lazy day person.

 I suppose I should call it a night I drug this out all day to show you what it is like in our little Minnesotan world right now.  Heres to hoping the cat doesn't try eat us in our sleep ;)

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  1. I **love** what you did to your neighbors' cars! :)

    We saw about a foot or so of snow, and we chose to cancel plans Sunday night to avoid the problems of trying to get around. Other than that,we didn't get 'snowed in'

    Love the beautiful nails.