Friday, July 16, 2010

beach day

Today was a great day. It was all about family and beach. My sister came with my niece Megan and her friend Jenna. All us girls loaded up and went to the beach water park here in town. We sat out while the kids played, swam a bit, and I worked on this Ilene bag. It is a beach bag.

I am loving this bag. I just am using sugar and cream that I had laying around from dish rags. I love the pattern. I only use sugars and cream for dish rags usually but I love how sturdy it seems in this pattern. It was a super great day with my sister chatting and having fun and the girls had a blast with their cousin and auntie.
but poor Shelby got burned. I sprayed her down but the wind must have caught it. She promised that she had put sun screen on her face but she lied it looks the same as her back. Poor kid she has never had a sun burn before!!! But that was the one casualty of the day. I actually have plans with my sister for the rest of the weekend. I have beach again tomorrow and family dinner and then Sunday we are off to Lilith Fair. I am excited to get some sister time. :) I have such a great family that I love so much and I love spending a nice summer day with them.

As for fire monster well lol this was her right after dinner. She was casualty # 2. Have a great weekend guys

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  1. Sun and water sure does wear those kids out! Sorry to hear about Shelby's burn. :(

    **love** that beach bag! Tell us what the pattern is - or did you make it up?