Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the stress knitting and surgeries continue..

I say we just get the crazy surgery talk out of the way right away and move on. So the dad in law is doing great. He is sitting up and off of basically everything. He had his ventilator off right away last night and he is spectacular. I had my appointment. with the doctor today to get a referral for my breast reduction she okayed me now I have a consultation with a plastic surgeon on Monday morning. Oh and when the nurse went to type my weight in I have lost over 10% of my body weight since my last visit so a thing poped up making sure they put in the correct weight that was nice after bieng platued for so long
Here is the fo pic from my some what cowl. I added on to the length and here she is.

My stress knitting is getting out of control. Here is the Lelah being blocked it is just lovely.

The color is beautiful ,the yarn is soft, and it fits like a glove lets hope it is well appreciated. As you can see there are the little lace hearts :) but since I finished that last night I had to start something new. So it was finally time for the all day beret.

I cast of 88 st instead of the 104 It called for because I have heard many complaints of too looseness and It is for monkey butt. It is cute it is cuter on her but she has a bit of a cold when she got home from her dads so she is already asleep. I will get a pic of her another day. I am going to rummage through my knitting stash now for another project and finish watching gone with the wind. I hope every one is well and if any one has any great breast reduction storeys share or advice I am all ears (or all boobs for now anyway) lol :)

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