Saturday, July 10, 2010

more stress knitting

Well we are playing the waiting game until Tuesday when the father in law has his by pass. I have been knitting up a storm. I knit Fire monster a skirt. I did the flora dress but made it into a skirt pattern.

I figured out my gauge and her waist measurements and co then knit until I could fit the headband I used for the waistband inside and knit back onto the beginning like a picot edge. Knit a few row then increased every 7 stitches and then every other row would increase 7 more until 35 were increased.

knit to the length I wanted and did the cute flower petal edging.

I love it and so does fire monster. It is cute and feminine. I have a appointment wed. with my doctor to see about getting a referral for a breast reduction!!! I am very nervous and excited but my girlfriend sherry said she would come stay with me to help after So that right there is worth it lol. I love my sherry. I will have to start knitting her a thank you gift.

Well I am off to knit and decide what to do with monkey butt she has the temperament of a rhinoceros in labor today!! I was going to go watch Johnny Lang sing tonight at a concert down the road with the family but am not sure that she is fit to be around any human beings tonight. Worst comes to worst I have a bath tub and a bottle of wine to keep me company lol. Have a good weekend guys

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