Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well my hubby's dad went home until Monday when he will be checked back in and preped. They had to wait until the plavix wears off to operate. So now we will go back monday.
I have been doing tons of stress knitting. I made both the girls 2 summer sundresses but monkey butts is a shirt per her request. So here is hers.

the back
the front. You can see in the back ground the some what cowl blocking on the back porch. I ripped the bottom and knit a few more inches it fit like a dream. I have been in ripping mode. I ripped my first raglan leaf tea from last summer and am thinking of making it into a Lelah top for my sister in law. We will see. That was a bear to rip I will tell you that right now. but I must go I am off to drop monkey butt to her dad and then I am going to come home and work on fire monsters skirt I am knitting her. I am almost done and I started it this after noon!!! It seems like it will be cute :)

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