Wednesday, August 20, 2014

how we work our budget/ramsey envelope system

 For a bit now me and the hubby have been working on a budget.  We tried about 3 years ago to do the Dave Ramsey envelope system and we fell off the wagon.  Now I have buckled down and I have set up things in a very organized way and it is going much better.  I thought I would share with you guys how I am making this work.  ( I will link to everything I mention so you can get your hands on what I used)
1.  The first step I took was make a list of all our monthly bills and when they are due.  I then went through my agenda and put stickers on the date with the amount on the date they are due.  I also put a green dot on paydays and I have a tally in the margin of the bill total due until next pay day.  (the amount we have due in bills until the next time we get paid)  My agenda is from walmart.  I was thinking about ordering a expensive one but I made this one work for what I need and I have it set up in a way that it is working great.  :)

 2.  I did daves monthly cash flow plan.  It helps me decide what we are paying and how much we have to work with.  It also suggests the proper percent you should be using for certain things.  You fill this out and when you get done you should have a 0 balance no money left. It should all be some where either savings spend where ever it should all have a place. For your non bill money you will have envelopes (for things like grocerys, car, clothes, savings, vacation, ect.)
3. I then down loaded simple budget app.  It lets you set up envelopes to keep track of how much you have and track spending so you know what the money went to.  It looks like this I set this up as a example.
 4. Then every pay day I pull out the amount of cash I need for my envelopes.  I have been using this for most of my money.  My sister who is a sewing rock start made me this for my birthday to go along with my diaper bag.(which I also love btw).  She has a great little shop with purses, bags, wallets, and jewelry.(she is a huge sci-fi fan so if you love dr who, star wars ect you will be in heaven but she does now sci-fi stuff like mine too.) She sent me a coupon code for 10% off for my readers :)  It is SWEETAIMEESKNITPICK.

 It is a great wallet with a  magnetic snap  closure.  It has six "envelope/pockets" inside.
 It looks like this there is a zipper for change.  My first envelope is grocery.( I labeled them with washi tape)

 Then clothing,
 Then restaurant (our eating out money.)
 entertainment, (movies, renting movies,ect)
 car (for gas repairs tabs ect.)

Cosmetic (this is for getting hair colored or cut, and of coarse make up lol)

 Behind that their is 6 card slots.  I don't typically use this at my wallet wallet just for my envelope system.  So allot of my stuff is in the other wallet.
Here is one of her awesome Dr who ones :)

 And for my vacation and emergency envelopes I keep those at home in actually envelopes out of sight out of mind right. ;)
So I use cash for everything we spend.  One envelope I don't have pictured is presents for holidays and birthdays.  I hope this was helpful for some of you.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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