Monday, August 4, 2014

update. (life house surgery ect)

It has been a blur of a summer!  I have been running my butt off.  I also had surgery and a couple weeks ago I got cRaZy temp of 103.4 sick!!!  I woke up and my temp got that high I called Benji home and he took me to the e.r. They said I had strep and Anaplasmosis (a tick born illness that makes you run crazy high fevers and your hole body hurt so bad you can hardly stand it)  It was more painful then childbirth I kid you not!  It took me a bit to get past that but I am feeling mostly back to normal.  I had calmister all last week and so four kids was too much to get much done.  :)  Besides being sick here is the updates on what is going on. 
I finally found fire monster a dresser.  It was from a little place 30 miles away they carry antiques and refurbished furniture.  I love all the little drawers on top the more I can break down the organizing of furniture the more likely she will keep it clean.

 I also grabbed this one for max james.  I Love this dresser.  It is super thick real wood.  This is a lifetime piece.
 We got new flooring (which happened in the middle of my strep/anaplamosis ) My old floors looked like this.
 New laminate flooring looked like this.
 Here is the dining room area.
 This is it now.

  The kitchen.
 This was the before long view of the kitchen
 This is the after.  I also moved the drafting table to the livingroom because my I got the rolling cart.

 The drafting table is where the sofa table was and the sofa table moved to the wall under the photo gallery.

There was lots of snuggles esp since someone finally fell in love with her little brother.  They have bonded and are thick as thieves.

 This guy has kept me busy being naughty as all get out.  I love him to pieces and can't believe he is almost 1!!!  Where does the time go.
 My flowers have gone insane and I have to show them off a bit because I killed everything I ever had before these.  Look at those petunias!
 My pansies and violets haven't faired as well as the weather got too hot so next year I will plant differently
 My begonias are insane!!!!   That is a bench they are on.  My impatients are doing great too

 Ben and Fire monster planted a hummingbird garden from seed.  This corner had chicken wire and the people who lived here before had it full of moldy leaves and dog crap! Gross!!!  So benji cleaned it out and they planted this.  It is coming along nicely.
 There is zineas, cosmos, batchler buttons,
 I also started knitting again.  I am currently working on show off stranded socks.  I am using pagewood farms yarn in peaceful.  I knit a pair of show off stranded socks for calvin and loved the pattern so much I had to make myself a pair.
That is mostly it.  I am going to try to get back to posting more regularly now that school will be starting in a few weeks.  I hopefully can stay healthy and get back into a routine :)
My comments are up and working again so please feel free to comment I would love to hear from you!

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