Friday, July 18, 2008

one week down the rest of my life to go...

Well today wasn't that bad. I got up was able to find my clothes and get out the door on time and even made it to work a few minutes early. I am really liking it even though it is super over whelming. I love the girls who sit by me in training and am seriously sad that we are going to be assigned new spots over the weekend. and yes there of coarse is one person I can't stand in class (because as my husband says I hate everyone. ) We will call her "the question asker" she is the one who asks questions that do not pertain to anything that have already been asked or that are totally obvious. She holds everyone back makes out day drag endlessly and says it all in a condescending tone like she is asking it for all of us idiots who must not know because we are obviously stupid. I have begged my friends to shut me up if I ever do that. She walked in at 8 this morning and right away started in..."before we get started I was thinking last night and..." do not think of more questions over night please like we don't hear enough during the day!

anyway I passed my first eval and I am going to knit as much as I can in a joyous celebration because monkey butt is visiting her "dad" and I got the fire monster to bed wooo hoo. Go me!

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