Monday, July 14, 2008

One door opens...

Well I started the new job today. I do like it although all we did today was sit around and hear what not to do. There are about twenty people training along with me and they seem nice for the most part. Knowing me there will be someone in the group who is determined to make me hate them but isn't that always the case. I was up way too late last night and need to go to bed. but I am going to sit up watch some harry potter and knit for a bit. I forgot my knitting today so I need to get at least a bit in.

I didn't get to see my great husband at all today. He cleaned the house somewhat and got all the girls schedule done picked up a smidgen of groceries and had dinner cooked when I got home. then he ran straight to work. I will see him tomorrow though it is his day off. Woo hoo. I missed him. Well off to bed with me. I have to convince boo boo who slept alllll afternoon to stay in bed and watch a movie so I can go to bed. the fire monster is already out. :)

Ps if any of my knit group happens to read this i realy missed all of you today. :(

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  1. We miss you, too! How about another evening get-together?