Sunday, July 13, 2008

I know I know...

It has been forever I understand this. I am lazy and tired and have been busy actually. This weekend my sister finally arrived back from Kosovo and I spent most of the weekend with her. I am now home and preparing myself for the start of my new job tomorrow. I am working for a cell phone company. I wasn't looking for a job and I guess you could say it was meant to be because it fell into my lap and it all worked out perfectly so far. We will see how much I like it it is the sorta thing I think I will like to do once I get the hours under control.

I bought some flat feet and am working on some bellatrix socks. It is going good. I have got a little big further to get to the toe. here would be what the flat feet looks like for those who are unfamiliar it is machine knit then died and you unravel it as you knit it.
have finished my socks for sherry (the monkeys I made her didn't fit so she gets the francies I made out of alpaca. Which might I say are the coziest socks ever love the yarn hate the pattern.
I have not even finished bens one sock because I dread knitting that pattern. I am further on my bellatrix i started just days ago then his sock I started like a month ago. My sister got my Seattle socks. (these girls are lucky I love them) It seems the older the fire monster gets the less i get to blog funny how that works. I am just busy busy lately. I will close with a cute picture of my fire monster looking not so fire monster.

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