Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well.... let me see. I did go to the gym and read on the stationary bike for like 45 minutes and then went to talk to my hubby and saw my Friend lawna and walked on a treadmill by her and talked for like another half hour so unintentionally I got my work out in. I went to the pool and yoga today and dinner at my sisters. I was reminded that we are to house sit for the next ten days at her house. Which is much larger then our apartment and has a huge fenced in back yard for my little ones. Woo hoo but I hate packing up everyone to stay there that is the sucky part. I got a few rows knit today but mostly family crap. I am hanging out drinking a beer reading my favorite blogs checking email blah blah blah.

My fire monster has her 7 month appointment tomorrow morning. I can't for the life of me remember the time so we are going to have to call and get the time right. I don't really have much exciting going on. I guess what I lack in substance I will make up for in cute pics.
here is monkey butt and fire monster in the tub playing around.

And here is bens wood grain sock coming along. I haven't got far but what the heck I am in no hurry.
Well off drink my beer and watch a movie with my hubby then down some water the pool will take it out of ya.

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  1. Hey stranger! The girls look so cute! I can't believe you're knitting Ben socks - that's awesome! So you finally got him to see the light, eh?