Monday, June 23, 2014

diy planters

I needed a few more planters for my deck but this being our first year in our home and we have been spending a pretty penny on plants and planters already I didn't want to spend 20$ and up on a each planter.  I was looking at the plastic options but there was only colors left that I wasn't crazy about.  I had picked out some things threw them in my cart I wasn't loving and was walking out of the garden center and I saw these..

 Some big bowls in the summer dishes.  They matched my deck perfectly and they were 99cents a piece!  Sold. I picked some plates that matched my decor and were 99cents for 4 to sit underneath. One problem is they don't have drainage.  Here is how to fix that. ( Ignore the rest of the mess on the desk in the garage)  I put a piece of scrap wood on the desk so I wouldn't drill into it.
I used a 3/4 drill bit and drilled holes around the bottom for drainage.
 It should look like so.
 I let fire monster help me with this because girls need to learn to use power tools too.  Then we planted in them.
 I think they turned out super cute and both cost me less them one plain plastic pot!
I hope you are having a great summer full of memories so far.

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