Friday, October 29, 2010

S0 I haven't been blogging lately or knitting or pretty much anything lately because it has been pretty hectic around here. My sis in law had spine surgery earlier this week to remove a non cancerous tumor from a nerve on her spine! Her hospital is in the big city of Minneapolis so we have drove up there once and are going again today and went to cook for all the family boys the day of surgery. (they were all very frazzled) We saw Lexi the girls cousin who they never get to see. but the lovely berns is making progress way faster then to be expected. Her drain came out yesterday and today she is even able to sit up.
The other day when we went to visit she still had to be laying flat on her back the bed couldn't even be up! Here is fire monster keeping her company..

She fed her lunch like that lol she was feeding her apple sauce and ice cream lol. Today we are going to go but first monkey butt has a Dr's appt. of her own to get her arm checked and make sure her cast didn't loosen when the swelling went down and xray again for progress. So hopefully I things will slow down soon and I can get some knitting up to show you but since the dreaded mom in law is coming this weekend (or as I have referred to her in the past the "crazy drunkin circus") . So off to get dressed and get my booty moving :) hope you guys are getting more knitting done then me ;)

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