Monday, October 4, 2010

me and fire monsters date...

So today me and the little fire monster had a date. We went to the Minnesota Zoo. We got Monkey Butt off to school and went on our way to the zoo. We walked out butts off and saw all the animals. They have new exhibits since the last time I was there. Here she is..

We had a good time just the two of us and spent the whole day there for home less then a hour before Fire Monster got home. She had a good time and was a very big girl..

I know Minnesota has big mosquitoes but geez. Now not every one knows this but my hubby is in the mosquito control business and some one hasn't been doing their job!!! Well I am hoping to have some knitting to show soon I am still nursing some hand injuries, knee injuries, and a nasty fat lip from the fall the other day. But I do have a pair of socks going and some other irons about to be put in the fire.

I did add my sock darning post to ravelry as a pattern and people have been checking it out and favoring it left and right. Who would think there was that many people who love their socks as much as me. :) well who ever you are I am glad you enjoyed it.

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