Monday, October 11, 2010

busy bee/fo angs dinner shrug

So I have been neglecting my blog but for good reason. I have been crazy busy. I have tons of projects up in the air . Here is the start of one..

I went to my sisters salvation army to get t-shirts for a new project. I cut them into yarn and prepped them. I have a whole rainbow of them. It was interesting... Me and My sis have a great time busting out some crafts. She is super talented jewelry maker. I helped her get a etsy up this weekend too. It is lolitas things.
This would be lolita (or lola) Notice her head is flush with the counter top. She is a very nice sweet dog that my kids love and if she wasn't soo drooly I would even like her and I am mostly not a dog person.

My sisters kitchen table is counter height and her head is right there with it lol. They have to have one that high or lola would be staring you in the eyes as you eat. Another things we did was try to do a dress make over via dress a day. Here was my sisters pick..

frumpy with shoulder pad and very long. Very little house on the prairie.

We took out the shoulder pads took off the sleeves shortened it and did the "signature sinch and pinch" Not perfect but better. There was no sewing at this point. I also busted out a shrug for my sister to wear to a army dinner. She has a very pretty dress she bought when she was deployed in kosovo but it is very summery and she needed some thing to go over. So here it is..

I based it off the anthropology shrug..

I threw this button on for now so there is a closure. well I am off to knit the hubbies viking socks I started them today and am to the heels I would like to finish the heels before getting some sleep. :) night every body

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