Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall swap..

So on ravelry I joined a swap on my caffeine addicts group and I am a horrible person mine will be going out one business day late. I had some things that I wanted to get in there before I was sending it out. So here is what is in there in the end..

A card some of my favorite teas are in the bag on the left and on the right is..
some magnetic book marks.. and since it is a caffeine swap and all about the coffee here is..

a few yummy flavors from a local place (they are delish)..

Here is everything inn the end some yarn, a card, some tea, some coffee, some book marks, one of my cuter than caribou coffee clutches and a necklace with two pendants one stitch marker one and one glass tile one..

Now she is all wrapped up and in the mail tomorrow. :) I hope she likes it and doesn't mind it going out a day late. :) Well I am off to knit while my hubby watches the vikes :)

1 comment:

  1. One day late is not terrible. I am sure she will be thrilled - that's quite a package!