Saturday, October 2, 2010


So here is the update on my girls weekend. Well yesterday it started with zumba with Missy in the morning then we shopped ripped her house apart to reorganize it then rushed out with fire monster and my sister in law to a big zumba dinner. It was great food. One of my zumba ladies Shelley owns a Chinese buffet called super buffet. So we stuffed our selves then we did raffles and games and went out side into the parking lot to zumba. It was a blast.
After we dropped berns off at her car and went to Missy's to have a glass of wine and finish cleaning up the mess we had started with moving furniture and what not. I don't know if I have mentioned this but Missy only lives a few doors down. So we finished and I went to walk home I have fire monster asleep on one hip and my lap top in a bag on the other. Well I made it almost to my drive and then went to step from grass to side walk and rolled my ankle!!! I tried to recover but knew it wasn't going to happen so I ditched the laptop and tried to protect fire monster. I went down sorta landing on her. She started to cry so I rushed in checked her over not a scratch but nothing so I checked the laptop just fine. But this is one of my war wounds...

I have nasty oozy road rash all over my knees and some knuckles. I am not enjoying it I haven't been scraped up like this since ridding bikes. I am in soo much pain so I am drowning it in this..
While me and monkey butt stay up late playing wii. (her choice clearly) But I had a nice day with the sis today and we went to her library which has a stinking awesome knitting book selection and she checked me out these...

I can hardly wait to start the knitting :) woooo hoo I left her house with two crying girls (almost three) Who miss their daddy. So I am off to spend some girl time. Night guy.

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