Thursday, July 21, 2011

hurricane glasses /my honey do list/i love damask

Okay so I had to mix a few things up around the house. I changed out some stuff that sits on the dvd rack. It is a main wall in the living room and drives me nuts.

I gave my hurricane glasses a face lift with some damask fabric a strip of printer paper and double stick tape. Then to keep the candle steady I put some rocks from the dollar tree around the bottom.

Then I took my (yes fake) hydrangeas out of the half bath and used a mason jar some more rocks and old corks.

Then this is one of my favs. I saw a sorta to do list on line and decided to make a white board one with the things I needed on it using a frame and yes more of the clearance damask fabric. I love it.

I also gave up my "file holder" from the girl cave until I can grab a new one for the girls to have a art center. I

but this is one of my favorite things. Since my shelf that hold my tv now isn't backed up to a wall but to the office area I have to stare through at that area and from the other side it is all cords and a mess I used the iron fabric fuse stuff to stick damask fabric up across the back.
Now pretty from both sides :) Well I need to get moving and actually do the things on my little chart. but here is some food for thought on what my next blog will be about. Check this out :)

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