Wednesday, July 27, 2011

toddlers and tiaras/ refurbished desk/taco cupcakes

So my kiddos are with their fabulous aunties for the week but before they left we had a special night watching (one of their favs) toddlers and tiaras, and then we played toddlers and tiaras. I gave them big hair (via bump-its) and loaded them up with make up they were soo funny.

Look at how cute they were lol

check out the mug on this one ...if that isn't her true personality showing through I don't know what is lol

now that they are gone I am working on projects here is one I have finshed..
I painted my hubbys old nasty desk that is fire monsters. She is going to be super excited.

and after finishing that project I was sitting her jonesing for something sweet. I whipped this baby up.
filled the cup with ice about a T of chocolate syrup, a splash of sweet cream, about 1/4 c cold press, and a good spoon full of mallow cream for some thickness and sweetness and a T of heath toffee chips, fill the rest of the way with some ff milk and blend sooooo good. I love it .
I also swung by the thrift shop on a errand and found these fab milk glass things to add to me collection.
then since it was just me and the hubby I made us a dinner using a new recipe found here. it is cupcake tacos. They are soo good. You spray a muffin tin. (mine is ugly and well used) and I put wonton wrappers in

then layer taco meat, black beans, and shredded cheese,

do one more layer

then bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

super yummy they were a huge hit with the hubby. We topped then with cream cheese and him some franks hot sauce of coarse. Super good give it a shot. Anyway I am going to watch some pretty little liars with my yummy new drink and some popcorn and knit. :)

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