Friday, July 15, 2011

My girl cave/ haven/craft room

In many homes I have visited there is a "man cave" A dark creep beer filled many place with possibly dead animals posed in. I have turned the tables.. in my home we have a GIRL CAVE... I love it. It is pretty and full of things I love. I go there to hide and work and relax. I keep all my goodies I don't want my girls to get into. It is my equivalent of a bat cave lol. It is where I keep my super powers hidden. (excuse any messes I have been hard at work lately)

Here is my sofa table which I am in love with. I love love love it the coat of ocean breeze blue made a huge impact.

above it I had my hubby hand this book shelf. It is great.

This is all of my yarn and knitting books. I love the little cubbies hanging on the wall on the bar. Super cheap from IKEA and I keep lots of stuff there. Love it.

This is my filing system. Super cheap dish rack from target and cute folers :)

It sits on a ugly rubber made drawer system that holds my etsy stuff and my wrapping things (gift bags, tissue paper and what not)

my comfy rocker.
here is the view from my bedroom.( notice the lovely tissue poufs they make me smiles)Also the wall art is just fabric covering foam board from the dollar store and the birds are fabric (I linked that to a tutorial) I got the images shapes I wanted by googling them and then I cut the out of the fabric and heatn bond lite. Then iron them straight on the wall. They won't damage and come off easy (since we rent this is moy importante)

this is my sewing table with curtains that are a re-purposed shower curtain. and my frames that have fabric and paper to be cute white boards. I love them. I also save all of my containers from cocoa and what not and cover them and they hold my pens needles and all sorts of things. Well there it is in a nutshell. My girl cave. My haven. I love it!

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