Saturday, March 2, 2013

wip umaro/ weekend fun/ bully

 So this weekend was one I look forward to all year.  It is a little thing called The Green Camel Gathering.  It is a knit retreat in a town down the road from mine called Tyler.  It is in a old dormitory and it has knitters spinners weavers a bit of every one.  It is always the first weekend in march.  It is a blast.  A great crew of ladies and it is such fun to knit and chat and learn things from the other ladies (not the mention the amazing ladies who put it on do a great job of feeding us lol)  Me and Pat (my friend/ neighbor) went together this year and we drive back and forth rather then sleeping over.  I worked on my umaro baby blanket.  I thought I would share the progress since I am loving it.
 I am about half way done I just started my 3rd ball of comfort and I have 4 to do this. 

 The pattern has some lace and a bit of cabling.  It is easy enough to follow (although at green camel I found my self losing my place because with 50 ladies speaking and trying to keep up I would just lose track of where I was lol)
 Here is a bit better pic of the pattern although the color got washed out. Some lace, seed stitch, and some cables.

While I was there enjoying that today my amazing hubby took the two monkeys to Papa Johns to work a cookie booth.  They were well behaved and the owner let the girls make their own pizza!!!  How cute is that what a great guy to not only make a special deal to get people in for the cookie booth but to do that for the girls.  Very sweet and very appreciated.
So now I am home and going to curl up with my honey and watch some movies (aka breaking dawn part 2 HELLO!!!)  We also watched the most amazing, heart breaking documentary called Bully.  It follows some kids dealing with being bullied and some parents who children have committed suicide due to being bullied.  It broke my heart and me and my hubby shed so many tears but it is a VERY important issue.  Our children will be watching it today because like one of the parents who suffered this horrible loss said maybe if one person would have stood up for his child or picked him up when he was pushed down it would have saved his life!  I want my kids to see that and be the kids to stand up for them and pick the kids up. 

 If  everyone stands up to a bully then they will be out numbered and won't be able to bully everyone so it will stop.  Another thing SHAME on the adults in the school districts and buses who don't do a damn thing to stop this!  I was shocked!  We would have been tossed off the bus and out of school for pulling this crap.  Please watch this and have your children watch this it is important.  One of the parents (Kirk and Laura) have a organization called stand up for the silent he started in honor of their son who was only 11 (a year and half older then my monkey butt!)  Please like their page and share it on facebook in case someone you know needs support in this circumstance. 
here is the link to join the anti bully movement

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  1. Glad you had a good time at your retreat - and the blanket is lovely! I hope your new one will be snuggly and warm while wrapped in it!