Wednesday, February 27, 2013

13 weeks/second trimester starts

 Here it is the 13 week update.  I that means second trimesters!!  I am super excite to be done with the first trimester and hopefully some of the crappy symptoms that come along with it (nausea, exhaustion, heacaches..) 

This week was a rough one.. Fire monster had stomach flu and spent a entire day throwing up, my hubby had a over night business trip and was gone for two days, lots of cleaning sheet changing scrubbing and sanitizing and cranky kids.  Just been a long week.  But I did get a few things accomplished.  I got two baby hats knit, the 8 burp cloths sewn and I started a great baby blanket.  The pattern I am using is called umaro.  I love it!  I cast on once and got a whole lace chart in before deciding it was going to be bigger then I wanted and ripping it out.  I cast on again using 103 stitches instead.  The yarn I am using is berroco comfort (great soft acrylic perfect for baby knits and holds up great to washing)  After starting this I realized ...

My nails match lol.  I painted them mint sprint by sally hanson and used pure ice dazzle me for the accent nails. 

Well people it is library day and the girls are riding me like a rented mule on when we are going to leave the house so I better get my booty out the door.  Have a good day guys.

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