Sunday, February 17, 2013

fo cowboys socks / blue steps

I finally finished some knitting projects.  I have been having a hard time getting much of anything done since this pregnancy started.  I have been working on these socks for my brother in laws birthday since Christmas!!!  I usually fly through socks but I just have no ambition lately.  My brother in law is a major Dallas cowboys fan, and since I made my hubby the vikings good juju socks, I thought it was only fair to make uncle Larry some cowboys good jujus socks.  Here they are in all their finished (finally) glory!!

After that I figured I better stick to some instant gratification projects and seeing as I am preggo what better projects then some fun baby goodies.  I dug through ravelry and my queue and found some great patterns to work on but first off I thought I would give this one another shot.
This is the pattern blue steps by regina willer.  I had tried this months ago and found it super frustrating because it didn't make sense to me. I went through all the helpful notes on ravelry and found blueknots to be helpful.(here is where I go into knitters language for a while excuse me if you are not a knitter feel free to skip this paragraph because it will make 0 sense to you!)  There was one are where the decreasing starts that I I had to look back and forth between her interpretation of the pattern and the original to figure it out.  The problem I was having was that it said work 14 stitches in hbs.(Half Brioche Stitch)  well that didn't make sense to me because the first round of hbs you make increases so what they meant was work 14 of the original stitches in hbs. so you split the 28 stitches in half work the first 14 in hbs and the second half is the decrease half.  So what ever I also found where you are supposed to work 10 rounds of hbs straight at the end I would end funny so I did 11 rounds then knit the 8 ss rounds. 

Well I suppose I should fight my nausea and exhaustion and cook for my family!  When will this end yuck!  Have a good day guys :)

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  1. It'll end in about 6 months, but then there will be different kinds of struggles (sleep deprivation, etc)!

    I'm amazed at the differences in your weekly photos. Perhaps it's the angle or the clothes you're wearing, but they're fun to see!