Tuesday, February 19, 2013

what in my purse/ make up monday mani

Okay so yesterday I was off my game as I was super sick and didn't get mani monday done. But as luck would have it today was a two hour late start for the girls at school.  That means I had time to clean out/ switch purses.  Since I am forever fascinated by this kind of stuff, I thought I would share with you some of the madness that goes into my purse.

I will start with the small front pockets on my purse that I put stuff I want to keep on hand...
In those pockets I had the memory stick that the hospital uses to put ultrasound pics, my strawberry smoothie lip butter, my color whispers in berry ready, and made it mauve (berry ready was just randomly in there don't use it much), next is my palladio lip gloss in 11th gorgeous, baby lips in grape vine, and my physicians formula happy booster
Now as for random stuff floating lose I had my shades a groupon gc, a fiber one bar, some icebreaker berry mints, and some papers I was supposed to leave in the car
 Then there is my coupon folder, my wallet, and this little card organizer that holds all my insurance stuff /club card type stuff.

then wet wipes (you never know) and some papers for my dr
Okay, here is where it takes a slight turn into crazy town..my purse organizers.. this one is basically all lip products.  I use pretty much all of these so I like to have time on hand.  I have lip butters, lips stains, lip glosses, long wearing lip sticks, and chap stick. I cleaned out some of these because they are more fallish colors.

Then I have a second organizer that lines the other side of my purse.  This one should have that little card holder thing (don't know why it was lose) it hold pens, sanitizer, my business card holder, the seed my gf brought me back from the trip down south.  It is supposed to bring money (no luck so far lol) and there is a few emergency feminine products that get zipped into the zipper pouch

Now here is what I down sized from my purse.  I got ride of 6 lips sticks in fall shades and the lip liners.  I put those away in my makeup stash.  I also got rid of a whole purse organizer.  They are super hand by the way.
The purse organizers are made from a place mat and super easy.  You can sew the pockets to accommodate what ever you carry.  Here is the tutorial I used for these. If you give them a shot you should let me know.  They really are handy to keep things organizer not to mention making it easier to switch purses.  :) 

Ps a bit late and a bit messy but here is my makeup for monday mani.  Its wet and wild disturbia (a dark purple) with pure ice sexy mama over the accent nails tapering from the cuticle.  Have a good day guys.

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