Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10 weeks

Okay so here is my 10 week update.  Everything is pretty much same old same.  I had a migraine during the super bowl but I toughed through it and threw together a quick dinner but then after it was done and in the bowls I went to garnish it and realized the parm was moldy!!  So dinner went down the drain and the family had to eat salad!!  My hubby is soo used to me having a dinner cooked and the house clean I think this has been a bit of a culture shock for him.  But he has been really great and supportive through it all.

Other then that life has been pretty boring.  I have noticed that I think I am starting to lose less hair so maybe my thyroid meds are getting things back in order.  I have to figure out what to feed my family so you guys have a great night :) 

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