Tuesday, February 26, 2013

beauty haul

 So over the weekend I picked up a few beauty products.  I figured I would do a quick haul and share with you what I picked up.  I grabbed one of these St. Ives timeless skin collagen elastin facial moiturizers.  I had this on my list of things to try because I have heard that dr oz says you shouldn't waste your money on exspensive anti aging creams that this is the best out there.  It was less then 5$ for this giant 10 oz tub. 
I have been meaning to try these cover girl glossy balms.  I had a 2$ off coupon making this about 5$ so I picked it up in blush twist. It is nice, feels good on the lips but wish I would have gone for the watermelon color or something a bit brighter because this doesn't really show up on my lips.

 I had 3 wet and wild 1$ off coupons that were about to exspire and I LOVE wet and wild.  I love their colored products (eye shadows, lip products, anything of that sort not like foundation/ concealer)  and seeing as nothing is over 5$ 1 $ off is great! I have been wanting to grab this for a while it is reserve your cabana it works great for a facial highlighter that isn't sparkly but just gives a subtle sheen.  I like it and you get a ton for 3.50.

 Then I grabbed this run coral/orange mega last polish.  It was 1.99 before coupon.  The mega last line is great and club havana was a great color I had to have for spring and summer.
 This was my last wet and wild purchase it was 3.50 and it was fergie polish in going platinum.  It is nice sparkly silver.
 I have been needing some cuticle cream horribly seeing as I live in Minnesota and it is way too often well below 0 degrees lately.  I grabbed this sally hanson one at walmart for about 4$ and it smells great (because it has apricot oil) and seems to be doing the trick)
 I also grabbed my first insta dry polish color in mint sprint.  I love the insta dry top coat and this will be my first polish from the line.  I have been looking for a great blue color that is brighter then wet and wild I need a refreshmint.  and less dark then internationally known by pure ice, a good robins egg blue color. color.  Let me know if you have any good recommendations.
 and the last polish I got was a pure ice one.  I have been looking for a great silver glitter with both big and little chunks since before christmas!!!  I am very excited to try this one it is called dazzle me and was 1.99 at walmart.
That is my full out haul people.  I am going to try to get in a quick nap.  Have a good one :)

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