Monday, February 4, 2013

mani monday

 Happy Mani. Monday.  Today's mani is nyc sidewalkers and the tri accent is wet and wild bite the bullet. 
 Today hasn't been too bad of a day.  Last night I had a full out migraine but today I am feeling pretty good and everything is going well.  I am up dressed fed me and Fire monster twice already and even did some chores!  That is better then most days lately.  Speaking of Fire monster Benji went up to check on her before he went to bed last night and couldn't find her!!  She wasn't in her bed where he put her!  He found her here..
She had curled up in her "fort" under her desk and fell asleep.  Always keeping us on our toes that one lol.  Well I suppose I still have a ton of chores left I should be getting done while I am feeling well enough.  You never know when you are going to start to feel crappy again.  So I am off to do laundry and tidy the basement.  :)  Have a great Monday guys.

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