Saturday, March 30, 2013

birthday shopping haul

Last Friday was my birthday  and since my visitation with monkey butts dad was just finalized through the courts it states each of us get her on our birthdays.  I had 2 options.  I could keep her home and drive 3 hours Saturday and 3 hours Sunday or we could meet in mandatory which is 20 minutes further each way for us but we could eat a nice dinner and do some shopping (a.k.a. ulta and scrounge for some maternity-ish clothing).  So I opted for the later.  First place we hit was the mall.  We tried penny's for a baby blanket like our girls baby blankets but had no luck.  Then the girls rode the carousel while I hit ulta.  Here is what I got there.

Most stuff I grabbed there I grabbed two things from the brands because its bogo.  So I got a new eye palette from nyx in love in paris/madeleines and macaroons, then their lip gloss in beige (which I had heard such great things about and I can see why it is not sticky smells amazing and is a great color)  The eye palette is not the most pigmented thing in the world not sure I like it.  Then I grabbed the revlon photo ready color stay foundation.  I had heard bad things about this one but melmphs swears by it and I have the same skin type as her and we like a lot of the same foundations so I figured I would give it a shot and I like it quiet a bit (not as much as my maybelline 24 hour but more then my Revlon naked or Revlon color stay) and a revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake which I LOVE great every day light springy pink/nude color.  I got two baby lips in the melon flavor and plum flavor.  I love them both the melon is in my purse and plum is in my desk.  I also got L'Oreal infallible super slim felt tip liner.  It rocks best so far. and the power volume 24 hour black smoke mascara.  It is great not clumpy great volume but a tiny bit dry.  But all in all the only thing that may be a dud is the nyx eye shadow palette. 

Then we went out to dinner at the olive garden.  After we hit target.  It was a bust they had a maternity swim suit I liked but not in my size.  Then we went to t.j.max.  I found this cute non maternity dress.  It is a polyester empire waist with a high low hem line.  It is black with white hearts all over it. I love it super cute and will be great after the baby too.

I like it and think it will be great for summer.  Then we hit cherry berry for some awesome frozen yogurt and headed home.  :)  All in all a pretty good little birthday :)

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