Thursday, March 28, 2013

17w 1d

Today I am 17w 1d.  The baby is now about 5'' the size of a onion.  This week has been farely uneventful.  I am still getting over the awful sinus infection I had last week.  I think its taking soo long to kick because I couldn't take anything but nose spray and that only for a few days then it was neti pot or plain saline.  But beyond that things have been fine.  We went to mankato on friday for my birthday.  We did some shopping (I have a haul from ulta I keep meaning to share but I haven't gotten around to) 

Other then that not much has gone on it was my friend Amanda's baby shower and I made some little things for that.  I also have been working on some stuff for my baby.  I got a pair of socks knit for fire monster that I just finished.  My quad screen came back clear which of coarse is good to hear.  I finished the book the cinnamon roll murders. I had read all the others quiet a while ago. I have been feeling lots of baby movements especially at night when I am relaxing after dinner.  The hubby has even felt a few from the outside. 

Everyone in this house has tomorrow off  and my hubby will be home through Monday.  So I am looking forward to a nice long weekend relaxing and celebrating with the family.  I have everything bought for Easter and I do need to take a trip to the grocery store for all the cooking I am planing on doing.  But right now I am fixing to curl up with the hubby and watch a movie.  :)  Hope you guys are getting ready to enjoy a great long relaxing weekend too.

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