Thursday, March 7, 2013

14w 1d update

I apologize I had to skip mani monday and haven't posted in days!!.  I have been sick as a dog.  I was in the e.r. on sunday and had a u.t.i./ kidney infection.  I have been miserable all week and just praying things would start to improve because I know how the deal goes if you don't!  If your lucky its a shot of antibiotics in the butt (which is awful) if your not its being admitted to the hospital!.  Anyway I am on the mend now thank goodness.  Not 100% but at least back to 50%.  We have my nephew Calvin yesterday-Sunday.  So it has been ever the interesting day around the house and now we get to take him grocery shopping lol.  For those of you who haven't heard much about my nephew he is a crazy, fun. sometimes exasperating little boy with autism.  He is either making you laugh, complaining, asking questions, or driving you crazy lol.  Usually all of the above at once.  Well time for me to get the ducks in a row with coats on so we can hit the grocery store and get our butts home for the night.  Wish me luck!

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