Thursday, March 21, 2013

16w 1d update

Today I am 16w and 1d.  The last week has been very busy and not very productive.  We went to the cities to celebrate birthdays with my family (mine and my brothers) which was mostly a hot mess where nothing went smooth lol.  Then I came home and have been sick as a dog ever since.  I haven't been able to breath through my nose since Saturday.  It has been miserable and I can only take nose spray which hasn't helped at all.  I have been doing neti pots(half the time it doesn't even come out at all because my sinuses are so swollen), cool gel eye masks, hot rice bags all kids of things to no avail.   I had my doctors appt today anyway and she said I have a sinus infection.  So back on antibiotics.  Other then that things are going good I weighed the same as a month ago (prolly lighter clothes), I measured right on, and the babies heart beat was 157 bpm.  Things are good my tsh was like.52 which is good.  Still waiting to hear on my quad ( a test for issues)

Other then me being sick as a dog and down all week with this we also had mr whiskers in to the vet for neutering, declawing, and shots. (yes I know it cruel and all that and if he wouldn't have been shredding our house down to nothing no matter what scratching things I bought him he could have kept the suckers!)  The vet we use does it all by lazer so its less painful and faster recovery.  He is doing great and soo happy to be home with his family.  He was in the bathroom all day yesterday but today he has got to come snuggle on the couch a bit.  Here he is soo happy to be home snuggling his family.

He is currently napping beside monkey butt on the couch.  The only other thing we accomplished this week was getting a few cute spring nail polish colors.  I love love love the colors.  We haven't tried the minty green one but I love the cover girl formula.  

Monkey but chose coral silk..

 I chose lav-endure.

Here is all three.  

Well it is time for Monkey butts piano lessons so I am off to run kiddos and figure out dinner.  Keep your fingers crossed that I can breath through my nose for my birthday.

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