Wednesday, March 2, 2011

citron fo

So I decided to make a citron out of the malabrigo lace I bought at my lys. I love this pattern and love the yarn soo much.
I had two skeins and decided to go for broke. The patterns only called for one but it was clearly for a girl less curve-a-licious then me. So I did 8 repeats instead of 5 and added more ruffle too.
I think it came out beautiful is bigger then I thought it would be I almost could have gone for 7.
I love how soft and warm it is.
Ignore the back of my head lol clearly haven't done my hair yet lol
the color is red pinks and purples mixed soo pretty
I love it!!
I made one more decision and decided to bead the edge so I went on a search for beads which good luck I finally found something I could squeak by with at the paint and wall paper store in town (don't ask!) lol
I then started beading spacing them out then gradually close and closer and more beads until in the bo there was a bead for every other stitch I could bind off. It is very pretty and may need to get worn to my birth day:) We will see. But for sure I am going to take it next Tuesday to the new knit group I joined last night. Yes you heard me right...I got dressed and left the house by my self!!! and it wasn't just to go to the post office for etsy orders lol. I actually made cheesy olive bread and went to meet people. It was nice and they were lovely:) They invited me to a knit thing on Friday I will keep you up dated :) Anyway I need to get some things done around the house :) hope all is well
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  1. Great Job, i appreciate you adding on to the pattern I am curvalacious too.